NTLK Exporting Help

From: Mark Estes (mestes@csn.net)
Date: Mon Dec 20 1999 - 08:40:03 EST

I'm trying to export names, dates, and notes to my Powerbook 1400
from my MP2K. NCU says it's preparing to export and then stops. The
ilerrors.log file reports this:

Error 0.20 at GETXLATR.C line 103
Error 20.20 at BEGINMAC.C line 69

I recall a posting about NCU needing some Clarisworks translators
that might have been deleted with MacLinkPlus 11. But, I can't find
any such message in an archived message. Any suggestions? I want
the export, in addition to the successful backup, before doing a

Thanks for your help.

Mark E Estes
Director of Library Services
Holme Roberts & Owen LLP
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Denver, CO 80203
voice 303 866 0260
fax 303 866 0200
email mestes@csn.net
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