Re: NTLK OTHER: Cross DigitalWriter!

From: Kenny Song (
Date: Mon Dec 20 1999 - 23:35:07 EST

I went to a local office supply store and bought a package of three
replacement Palm styli (the good ones with the silver casing, not the crappy
grey plastic ones) for about $8 U.S. But the Palm styli are way too thin to
be handy, so I got the bright idea of sticking one INSIDE a nice goldtone
pen (made by Quill, I believe) in place of the ink.

It fit perfectly. I put the spring on top of the stylus before putting it
into the pen, and there's a little bit of springy give which seems to
improve the "feel." I just clip the pen inside my Calise case and away I go.
That's innovative Keith. But I did something else. I like the PDA Panache's pen (weight & size) but prefer the Cross tip (the best IMO) so I transplanted the Cross tip into the PDA pen. Now I have a Cross Digitalwriter that fits perfectly inside the MP2K's stylus holder.

Kenny Song
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