Re: NTLK Icon Change

Date: Tue Dec 21 1999 - 10:28:27 EST

jon glass wrote:
> The original method of getting the aliens to show ...
> delete the time zones storage soup

I believe you could also try this out safely using a soup editor, such as SBM Utilities. First, make a backup copy of the TZ data soup. Then edit the original soup. Delete only the entry which "deletes" the Area51 ROM city. When finished, you can delete the TZ data soup, and rename your backup to the original name. Again, this is only needed if you want to preserve custom cities you have added to the soup via the TZ app (and quicker than doing some other sort of backup and restore).

Either way, I believe that NOS will recreate this soup entry when reset.

happy alien hunt.


ps- wasn't there a package that activated this egg without messing with the TZ soup?

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