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From: thomas (thomas@arlut.utexas.edu)
Date: Tue Dec 21 1999 - 10:53:24 EST

As some of you know I have been working on another version of Remote Town
which I am calling Remote Town 2. The preview release is now ready for
testing. I am not done with it so don't be to surprised if it has an error
or two in it. I would like to get some input on the ease of play on this
game and if the logic needs to be changed (such as the rules concerning when
and where buildings grow). For the most part the game is the same with some
minor enhancements added and your old cities will still load and play (*see
bit about factories and housing). This game will over install the old

Promises I made before I started and the status of each:
> I have downloaded the source code and the English translation file (thanks
> to mi(c)i) for Remote Town (SimCity) and I am preparing to make a new
> version for us. If any of you would like to suggest any changes then let me
> know and I will see what I can do. Some of the changes that I would like to
> implement are as follows:
> 1: A 130 version with 1 bit graphics, all other features would be the same.
> 2: Program will minimize into the star menu
Done. See the I menu.
> 3: Longer game play, 22 years is to short
Not Done. Want input from users
> 4: More cash when you start the game.
Done. How does 20000 sound?
> 5: A 'Place' button so you do not have to try to do a double tap.
> 6: English instructions and tips.
Not Done.

Other changes:
1. A flip button. This button flips the map over. It is not a rotate.
Rotate will come latter.

2. Factories will only grow near a road and only if houses are not around.
Thus they come less frequently.

3. Developed houses will die if there is a factory next door. This should
not happen unless you make a city with Ver.1 and play it in Ver.2

4. Graph give growth related numbers.

5. The Light can be turned on from the I menu.

6. Houses only grow near roods.

7. There is a way to cheat. I will assist with this latter.

8. Now you can place grasslands on the map. In effect this is a bulldozer.
I need help with what things cost to bulldoze.

9. There is a system beep on pay day

10. fewer trees and initial houses on a new city. I want to make this

11. The very bottom row is not used much. This is because the original game
board was not very geometrically convenient for flipping or rotating. The
game will not put anything there nor will it be flipped, but you can still
put things there. I filed the row with trees.

well have fun and let me know how you like the new additions.
Here is the download location.


You should find a .pkg file, a .sit file, and a .hqx file.

.pkg is for newtons
.sit is for pc and Macintosh
.hqx is for Macintosh

Thomas Snyder, Programmer: MacOS, Newton, VB, etc...
"Fear is the path to the Dark Side.
Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." - Yoda,
Jedi master

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