NTLK Learned something new

From: mcw (mcw@wam.umd.edu)
Date: Tue Dec 21 1999 - 14:58:19 EST

Thought I'd pass this on to people:

I have the habit of creating folders in Extras to make sets of htings
that I freeze or thaw as needed (a poor man's Newtcase, I suppose).
Working on a MP2000, this is relatively important.

I also use EZAccess a lot, rather than opening the Extras drawer.
Saves time.

I just now realized that packages in the Extensions folder don't show
up on EZAccess, while extensions that have been moved to other folders
do. Clutters up the screen.

By moving them back to extnesions (and moving any other built-in
packages that I never ever use to extensions), I now have a more
compact and easily readable EZAccess drop down menu. Neato!

I just thought I'd pass that tidbit on to other people.

Michael, whose brain is located in a dark green regular parallelopiped
(or whatever you call the thing)

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