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From: dunay (
Date: Tue Dec 21 1999 - 22:07:53 EST

Here is a source for NiMH AA batteries:

I purchased a MAHA Rapid i-Charger and some AAs NiMH batteries from them. The unit has some nice features, including a car
adapter. I recieved my web order in less than a week. I use Apples NiMH in my newt, so I can't comment on these
AAs and a newt. I have heard good things about them on this list and elsewhere though. In fact, I bought a LL Bean headlamp
and recharge kit for my brother. The recharge kit includes NiMH batteries that get charged directly in the headlamp. Yea a
little off topic but pretty slick none the less.

.John M Dunay
.MPR Technologies, Inc

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