Re: NTLK IrDA - Revisited

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Wed Dec 22 1999 - 00:49:11 EST

On 12/17/99 4:48 PM, Chris Ruprecht [] wrote:

>Hello all, specially developers!
>I simply can not get this IrDA thing out of my mind. I have an Apple
>PowerBook which has an IR Port and I can route Apple(Local-)Talk over
>it. I also have an MP2100 which can speak IrDA and AppleTalk - but
>only as EtherTalk over some Ethernet Card or LocalTalk over the
>serial interface. How difficult would it be to write a driver to be
>able to get the IrDA port on these Newtons to speak AppleTalk? Maybe
>I'm just naive and this is an impossibility - if so, who could shed
>some light onto the subject as to why this is not going to work.

Very difficult.

It'd be no small task to write a driver to do AppleTalk over IrDA.
Basically, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. While not impossible, it's
unlikely to happen.

There is software (Sloup and EETransfer) that'll let you beam data to and
from an IrDA equipped Mac and a 2000, 2100 or eMate (sorry, nothing
older). You can't use Newton Connection Utilities, unfortunately, but
you can at least transfer text, packages and pictures.

Note that not all PowerBooks have IrDA either; some olders ones only have
IRTalk, just like the OMP and 1xx Newtons only support the ASK infrared
protocol, not IrDA.

There have been a number of discussions about this issue in the last two
weeks here on NewtonTalk. Did you see them?

If not, search Info-Newt ( for "irda" and you'll find
all the info you need.

 - Bill

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