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From: J. van de Griek (
Date: Wed Dec 22 1999 - 14:42:10 EST

Robert Benschop wrote:

on 21-12-1999 3:57, at wrote:

> my iMac at home and my
> Mac at work, but I would like to sync my address book with them. I have
> Microsoft Outlook express 98 on both. Will Outlink work with them? I
> downloaded it, but cannot unzip it on my mac. The web site claims data may
> be corrupted by using unstuffing programs other than pkunzip or winzip.
> (Which I cannot run on my iMac.) Any suggestions on how to to it or other
> programs that would help me sync would be appreciated

My guess is that you mean Outlook Express 4.5 or 5.0 (at least I've never
heard of an Outlook Express 98, but it might have been there back in the
days that I was loyal to Claris emailer)
Anyway, you can't do what you're attempting there, Wintel files just won't
run on a Mac (at least, not without an emulator like VPC or SoftWindows)
Outlook Express will let you sync with a Palm though, anybody tried to get
something going with a Newton ?

Ha die Robert!

Outlook Express 5 for Macintosh can indeed sync with a PalmOS device, but it
doesn't sync with Palm Desktop; it sync directly with the Palm itself during
a hotsync.

For people with both Newtons and Palms (such as myself), this is a godsend.
I do the following: Sync the Palm with my Mac (both OE5 and Palm Desktop),
sync my Newton with Palm Desktop (which basically is Claris Organizer), and
sync my Palm with Lotus Notes on the ThinkPad for work.

That way, my manual sync'ing days are more or less over, and my addresses
and appointments are synched across Palm Desktop, Lotus Notes, the Newton(s)
and the Palm.

The downside is that for people without a PalmOS PDA, synching with OE5 is
not possible (except by making either OE5 or the Newton the "master" and
regularly overwriting the other's address book).


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