NTLK RE: Palm Desktop and RE: NCK for Mac

From: Hobbes (bct1@thestate.infi.net)
Date: Fri Dec 24 1999 - 10:55:08 EST

> > I'm trying to synch NCU 1.0 directly to Palm Desktop 2.5, and so far no
>> luck. Attempts to synchronize with the User Data file end in an error:
>> "cannot access the file". Has anyone done this successfully?
>Is there an entry in the FAQ on this (haven't checked lately)? If not, it
>might be a good addition.

There's an entry for it in my FAQ:


>If someone can chime in with the location of the Macintosh version, that
>would be great!

Again, I have it for download:


Boy, I'm starting to make P. T. Barnum sound like a shy businessman...

Happy Holidays all.

"Was that the end?"
"You call that an ending with practically everyone still on their feet? My goodness no, over your dead body." - Tom Stoppard

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