Re: NTLK HOW PCMCIA modem and MP2100

From: Kenny Song (
Date: Sat Dec 25 1999 - 05:55:08 EST

     When I try to use SimpleMail 3.3 or Nethopper 3.2 I get the same
error.   Newt's Cape acts like it going to connect but never does
anything.  With SimpleMail or Nethopper, it fails when it is loading the
PPP Driver, giving me a -16022 Internet error (resource not available).
 That error would make me think that maybe I have my modem misconfigured,
but I have gone over it and over it:  the modem is in the right pc slot
(that is, the port physically located on the right side of the MP in
landscape mode) and the setup is the Megahertz Cruise 28.8.  I've also
tried the 28.8 and faster setup.
Did you select your Modem driver from both the Modem Pref and Modem selection from Internet Setup?

Kenny Song
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