NTLK RemoteTown: how it works

From: Paul Guyot (pguyot@pnm-consulting.com)
Date: Mon Dec 27 1999 - 14:35:36 EST

Hi folks,

rryu the designer of RemoteTown made a very high score with 1.6 Million
people (twice my best score). But he knows how it works. Here is the full
description (I do this summary by memory, (all I could do blocked in
Normandy) hence some values may be wrong):

each turn, n cells are selected random. n is the grow rate + 9, (initialy 0
+ 9) and every school gives 3 more grow counts, every factories 2.

The score of each selected cell depends on what there is on this cell and
the 8 neighbors. Initialy, you have one point.
grasslands & forests give 0 point.
one kind of houses (among 4) give 2 points.
roads and small buildings give 3 points.
big buildings give 4 points.
parks give 18 points.
stations give 30 points.
every other cells give 1 point (housing lands, houses, estates, schools,

Hence if you have a housing land surrounded with grasslands or forests you
have for this cell 2 points (one initial point plus one for the housing

Now, each selected cell will change depending on what it is, its score and
a random factor:
a railway will become a factory with a probability of 1/80th
a housing land, grassland or forest will become a factory if you have at
least 10000 people and with a probability of 1/200th
a housing land with a score greater or equal to 3 will become a house
(selected randomly)
a house with a score greater or equal to 21 will become a small building.
a small building will become a big building.

Each house is 300 people; each small building 1200. Each big building 3200.
Each estate 2000.

Your budget is calculated every three months: it is increased by 100 + 3%
of your population.

Hence, to reach high scores (my first game, I reached 850K+), just put
housing lands around the railway and build 9 cells patterns with housing
lands all around and a park in the center. Once every housing land became a
building, (or maybe a little before, depending on the surrounding cells),
you can destroy the park to replace it with a housing land (which will soon
become a big building). Build a lot of schools to increase your grow rate.
The maximum score is (760-the number of cells of railways)*3200. Just less
than 2.4 millions. Good luck.


(BTW, you can also do: GetRoot().|REMOTE TOWN:RYU|.budget := 1 billion
GetRoot().|REMOTE TOWN:RYU|.population := 1 billion
GetRoot().|REMOTE TOWN:RYU|.growrate := (don't put a too big value here if
you still want to play, because each turn is slow)

Of course, you will give us the history with your screen shot.)

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