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Date: Mon Dec 27 1999 - 16:19:20 EST wrote:

> People... I am a Newton newbie and I have some questions, if could anybody help me?!?
> I dont know how to transfer files from and to my MP... ( I have a Mac G3/266 bege). What program I need in my Mac? And where could I download it?
> Can I upload my NOS to 2.0, right!?
> I'm sorry this kind of questions... there's any web site or some others Newton Mail Lists?


I'm guessing from one of your question that you're using a MessagePad 120 running NOS 1.3. To answer that question, btw, no, you *CAN'T* upload 2.0 on
your MP, because there is *NO* NOS 2.0 to upload. To upgrade a MP120 running NOS 1.3 to NOS 2.0, you need to replace the ROMs in the device. These
days, those ROMs are nowhere to be found. Your best bet would be to find a second hand MP120 running NOS 2.0 and start from there.

So, for a 1.3 Newton, if that's your case, you need "Newton Connection Kit" version 2.0.x for the MacOS. I know that this application is floating
around the net, but don't have any link to provide you. I'm sure that someone on the list knows where to download that application...

Robert Benschop (Hi Robert!) already provided you with a starting link for other Newton's related websites. AFAIK, there is only one other Newton's
related mailing list, a list devoted to eMate owners, I believe. I don't however know how active is this list, not even sure if it still exists. Other
than this one, NewtonTalk is the *ONLY* mailing list devoted to the Newton platform.

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