Re: NTLK Yay!

Date: Tue Dec 28 1999 - 01:23:44 EST

Just downloading it myself.


on 12/27/99 9:10 PM, Michael J. Dark at

> Heh... I just got my new (to me) 2100, and I'm excited! The display
> is SO much better than the 110's... =) I need to get a new front door
> for it (Oz, here I come.. =) ) and I didn't get a battery cage for
> it, but the rechargable from Apple seems to be doing OK. I think my
> dongle and keyboard from Stacey (thanks!) are in the office of my
> apartment complex waiting for me to pick them up... =) So good
> timing!
> 2 questions:
> I guess it's got a farallon PCMCIA modem in it; I think it's a 33.6.
> Anyone know where to get a dongle for it? It didn't come with one.
> Also, is there a CD ISO image of the original MP2100 CD around? I've
> got a cable modem and my roommate has a burner, so I can make a copy
> and I don't mind a large, large download. =)
> Anyways, thanks to everyone on the list here - you've all been a huge
> help to me. =)

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