Re: NTLK Need Adapter Specs and KeyBoard does not work

Date: Tue Dec 28 1999 - 15:02:28 EST

     If you have a 1.3 OS Newton 120, (and I think you do) then you need
     NewtKey, available lots of places, to use the Newton keyboard. It works
     fine though.

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Subject: NTLK Need Adapter Specs and KeyBoard does not work
Date: 12/28/99 12:43 PM

I need to get the specs for the Adapter that is used with an MP120. This
would include both the polarity as well as the PWR Needed.
I also just bought a Keyboard off of EBay. I do not really know how to use
it yet. I thought that I could just plug it in and go. This does not seem to
be the case. Could anybody please give me some tips.

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