Re: NTLK Dyna CommuniCard Roamer

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Tue Dec 28 1999 - 17:08:50 EST

On Sun, 26 Dec 1999, Donald T. Stewart, MD wrote:

> Has anyone succeeded using this device with a MP2000 or MP2100? I
> purchased the Roamer (a PC card wireless networking device) and a
> DynaCOMM Network Access Point from e-bay a couple of months ago, but
> just today tried to get them working. I have no trouble using a 2.0
> MP120 with them, and seem to be able to access my home Apple Talk
> network wirelessly. When I try to install the driver on my MP2100,
> however, I get a -8007 error message at installation, and the system
> hangs and reboots if I insert the Roamer card. The system endlessly
> reboots at startup unless I freeze the driver.
> Does anyone have a hint as to how I might have to hack the driver to
> work on OS 2.1 rather than 20.0?

Sorry about the lateness of my reply, I just got back from vacation and am
catching up on all my NewtonTalk reading.

You say you got your 2.0 120 working with this card? All of the NICs for
the Newton so far have only worked with NOS 2.1 devices and NIE 2.0. Does
this card support TCP/IP (NIE) connections as well as AppleTalk?

As for getting the driver to work with your 2100... I assume you have NIE
2.0 installed. You might want to try installing all of the optional NIE
packages first (Newton Devices, NIE Ethernet etc. - they should all be on
your 2100 CD)

If that still fails, try downgrading to NIE 1.1, or even removing NIE
all together. Have you tried both card slots?

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