Re: NTLK RemoteTown: how it works

From: Ching Yi Tsai (
Date: Tue Dec 28 1999 - 23:25:33 EST

Hi Paul,

> Hey, wasn't you who asked rryu about how he reached so high scores?
I didn't know that rryu is the designer of RemoteTown. Otherwise I won't
even bother to ask how he did it (obviously). Thanks rryu and all the people
who ported it to English and improved it.

I agree that some people needs tips to get the game going, and that is why I
gave a hint that you really need schools/parks for the population to grow. I
observed this while playing the game, I saw the houses around schools/parks
grows extremely fast. That is how I got my high score. I have no idea about
destroy the parks to build more buildings.

One thing that I observed during the game play is that the population grows
exponentially at the last couple of years of my game. I think we need some
sort of upper limit to make it closer to reality (natural disasters, riots
etc *^_^*).

> Once again, sorry for having destroyed your interest in the game. (but the
> rules of RemoteTown 2 are slightly different)

I think I was upset because this is the first game that I like in the last
10 years. And now you spoiled my fun :) Anyway apology accepted, and I am
looking forward to the next version with better graphics and more

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