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Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 02:05:32 EST

On 12/27/99 2:48 PM,
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>People... I am a Newton newbie and I have some questions, if could
>anybody help me?!?
>I dont know how to transfer files from and to my MP... ( I have a Mac
>G3/266 bege). What program I need in my Mac? And where could I download it?

What messagepad model do you have?

If an Original MesasgePad, MessagePad 100 or 110, or a MessagePad 120
with OS 1.x, you need to use Newton Connection KIT (NCK)

If a MessagePad 120 with OS 2.x, or a MessagePad 130, 2000, 2100 or eMate
300 you need Newton Connection UTILITIES (NCU).

These products should have been PROVIDED with your Newton, so go back to
whoever sold it to you and have them dig out the diskettes or (on later
models) CD-ROMs.

If you still can't get 'em, they're floating around the web, and I think
someone put a bunch of 'em in the /Contributions directory of the
Info-Newt web site (

>Can I upload my NOS to 2.0, right!?

Do you have a 120? Otherwise, the answer is no.

Even on a 120, MessagePad upgrades from 1.x to 2.0 OS are no longer
available from Apple. As I I undestand it (never done it myself) you
could do it yourself, though, by buying a broken 2.0 MessagePad 120 and
swapping the card the NewtonOS ROMS are on.

>I'm sorry this kind of questions... there's any web site or some others
>Newton Mail Lists?

No problem, that's what this list is here for!

Some sites/newsgroups/FAQ's you should know about, though:

Web sites:
- DNUG Newton Versions: (software update

- This Old Newt: http:/ (a huge list of
Newton hotlinks)

- Info-Newt (my site): (news and info for
Newton updated at least weekly...usually, sometimes more often, sometimes

- FAQ for the Newton Community (copied of which are hosted at various web
sites including This Old Newt and Info-Newt):

- Newsgroups:
and several other comp.sys.newton.* groups as well.

 - Bill Davis

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