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From: thomas snyder (
Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 08:36:46 EST

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On Wed, 29 Dec 1999, Ching Yi Tsai wrote:

> > From: thomas snyder <>
> > Subject: Re: NTLK RemoteTown: how it works
> >
> > Actualy there is a small amount of skill to the game so knowing the rules
> > still does not guarantee that you will do well. Also if you do not like
> > the game then you are just the person that I want to talk to. I am still
> > developing the second version of Remote Town and any sujestions you have
> > to make the game more fun I would like to here.
> I know I am asking a lot, but these are a few wishes I want for Christmas!
> * Animation: I am not sure how difficult it is to implement animation on the
> Newton. But a little animation will definitely help visual feedback of the
> game status.

Im tring to keep the game from getting much biger then it is already. So
no animation (that and I do not think that my 130 can handle it)

> * Better MP2x00 support: I would love to be able to play the game both in
> portrait and landscape mode with full screen.

I will try, but no promices.

> * Some random events: fire, earthquake, monsters, riots, y2k etc. will make
> the game less predictable.

I agree, this would be cool. Earthquake is what I will probably do.

> * More statistics: A smilar graph for monthly income, population density
> (population divide by # of houses), a few more index will help the players
> to understand the current status of the game.

I thought about this to. I'll se what I can do. I will have to change
the current graph to be a line.

> * A scoreboard will be nice: I don't know if there is easy way to integrate
> HTML/EMAIL to the game itself. If we can receive weekly top scores from
> email, and import it to the game, it will be nice.

At the very least I can keep your top 10 scores so you can see if you are

> * For new players: The first time the player tap on any thing (button, land,
> menu etc.) The program gives a dialog similar to the balloon help on the
> Mac. For example I still don't know what "Estate" is use for. If the first
> time I tap on it and a dialog appear and gives a short description of what
> it is and a few tips of how to use it, it will be great for the new players.

This is a good idea.

> * A minor suggestion: Can the date be display in a more relevant way? ie.
> somewhere around 1990 to 2010 will be more real than 15 year 2 month.. Also
> a dollar sign in front of the budget value will be good.

I way or may not do the dollar sign, depends on how annoing this is to
impliment and still keeping the thing international. As for the year, I
will progably leave it as it is. I am thinking of making the game longer.
Any sugestions on how long?

> * I would love to have a UNDO too!

So would I. I will try to do this one as it is somthing that I also

Download what I have so far and tell me what you think. This is one of
the few times that you get to have input on the development of a product.
I want this to be for all of us.

My copy will over write the older ver of RemoteTown, so make sure you have
the origonal on your computer. Cities are compatible.

> I suppose there are enough things to implement for your next update eh
> Thomas? :)
> Have a wonderful new year, and thanks again for the efforts that you've put
> into the game to make it better.

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