Re: NTLK MP2K carrying cases?

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 14:07:14 EST

"T.M. Camp" wrote:

> I've been trying to find a good carrying case/glove-like thingy for my
> MP2K.
> I have the Apple zipper-fold that holds the 2K and the keyboard. Great
> for throwing in my briefcase, but not so hot for when I want to roam
> without the keyboard (I don't like lugging around the 2K without any
> kind of case on it).
> I have the Apple leather briefcase -- which is very nice, but too
> bulky and redundant since I have a briefcase I already love.
> What I'm lookign for is something like the E&B glove -- something for
> the Newton itself, nothing else. I know there are a lot of options out
> there, but I can't seem to find any good resources for ordering
> online. I'd love to hear some opinions and links. The Glove seems to
> have a good following, but E&B doesn't show them on their site
> anymore. I've also heard about some wet-suit/neoprene thingy.
> At any rate, any ideas?
> Thanks,
> T.M. Camp

There used to be a nice Calise case for liquidation at MacConnection for
$9.95. Full leather grain, with a pocket on the front for a cell phone.
I bought it and been very satisfied.

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