re: NTLK newt's fatal flaw

From: paul moshay (
Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 22:10:41 EST

> >what would it take for newt programmer to build a
> >real sync utility ?
> by real, do you mean "non-Apple"?

no, i'm including everything that's ever
been produced. particularly for the mac platform.
my understanding is ncu supposedly is better on
pc than mac, anyway. thats from a high placed
apple developer friend of mine, though.

> have you tried X-Port?

X-Port is only an import/export utility, or
at least that my understanding. while having
a solid app of this sort is great, and better
than having nothing at doesnt
address one of the key reasons to own a PDA.

Being able to add new or edit information on either
one's desktop or PDA, really defines the "assistant"
essense that a PDA should have. Otherwise one has
to use ritualized methods of using one's PIM software.
i.e. did i add this onto the pda or onto the desktop
or...who knows ...

it simply boggles the mind how apple could spend
$ 500 million developing such a cool and potentially
useful OS and piece hardware and then "blowing off"
any detailed concern about how the hell well one can
sync ones' address book, notepad entries, and 'to do'

> > there has to be the potential
> >of selling 5000 copies of a sync utility, at even
> >$40 a pop, that represents a nice chunk of change.
> >
> >whom do we lobby to demonstrate the size of this
> >market ? there mustbe an apple/newt programmer
> >interested in this kind of cash.
> there aren't a lot of Newton programmers still
> around
> who could do this sort of thing well. and I just
> don't see the market. but I suppose one approach
> is to
> 1) query users
> there are > 1000 people on this list.
> perhaps you could collect support from this list,
> then check on comp.sys.newton.misc.

Hey I'd put $100 in a trust for the developer that
comes up with a real pc/mac os sync utility.

I love using the Newt but as life gets busier, dealing
with its limited sync functionality makes me lean more
and more towards throwing in the towel and ordering a
Visor !

> 2) list specs of what's needed. for example if
> X-Port is missing a few features, and you
> could demonstrate that 5000 new people would pay
> for it (and others for an upgrade), perhaps
> Dan Rowley would be interested (if he has time).

Shall we do a Poll on the list... I hate proposing
one how many people would pay

a) $50 for a great Mac and PC sync utility ?
b) $ 100 for a great Mac and PC sync utility ?

"Great" is defined as being able to sync fully address
bk, notepad, todo's reliabily on both PC/MAC.

It should work from "major" PIM and groupware software
in use out there. Those would be up for definition.

Nutty proposition ? Maybe, though its interesting to
me to always try to harnass the combined, shared
experiences of individuals on a list like this rather
than going on and going about the same frustrations.

paul moshay
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