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Date: Thu Dec 30 1999 - 00:06:18 EST

On Wed, 29 Dec 1999 wrote:

> In a message dated 12/29/99 3:31:32 PM, writes:
> << Go to your local computer store and get a "crossover" ethernet cable. >>
> Thank to all,
> Will I be needing this in addition to the ethernet adaptor or in place of
> it?

I'm assuming here that the cable on your ethernet card terminates in a
male RJ45 plug, right? If so, you should grab an RJ45 coupler in addition
to the crossover cable. The coupler is just a widget with two female RJ45
jacks that will let you attatch two cables together.

If the cable on your ethernet card terminates in a female RJ45 jack,
you'll just need the crossover cable.

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