Re: NTLK MP2K carrying cases?

From: Drew Loker (
Date: Thu Dec 30 1999 - 11:07:59 EST

Re: NTLK MP2K carrying cases?
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Hello. I bought my case from Target. It was $18 about 2 years ago. I don't
know if they still have it. It is made by Mead. There is a tag on the inside
that reads:

The Mead Corporation
Dayton, Ohio 45483
Item #47064 Asst.
Made in China

It is one of the best cases I have seen. It has an insert that can be
instantly rivets. It has numerous pockets and fits the Newton
PERFECTLY. On top of that, it is attractive. The only challenge is a zipper
end that can be removed in 30 seconds.

When I bought my case, Target was the ONLY place that had this style of
case. I litterally tried EVERY local store that would have ANY type of data
organizer. Most that might have fit the Newton had a rivited center piece,
or something else that DQed it.

Good luck finding it.


"T.M. Camp" wrote:

>I've been trying to find a good carrying case/glove-like thingy for my

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