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From: Matt Howe (matthowe@tir.com)
Date: Thu Dec 30 1999 - 12:28:20 EST

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>I just can't get my computer to "talk" with my Newton. Tonight, I had
>to a Mac and it was SWEET! It just loaded up instantly!!

Of course. That's why Macs are better! ;-) Ever consider "forward
migrating" to a Mac from PC? I GUARANTEE you'll have far less computer
headaches. I use both Macs and PC's daily and am constantly having weird
problems with PCs and NEVER having problems with the Macs, despite making
far more changes and additions to the Mac than to the PCs.

>This PC is driving me CRAZY! Since Dec. 98, I have not had regular access
my Newton's
>files. I have been trying to connect my Newton to a PC off and on for 8

Nothing ever works right or permanently on PC's. I rarely have problems
on Macs and I'm constantly adding new software, new hardware, etc. It
all just works.

Just my two cents worth from the Windows side of things but:

I use a Newton 120 2.0 and a PC. For nearly a year now I have been syncing
regularly with a copy of Lotus Organizer 2.0 using NCU 1.0. The system works
flawlessly except in the rare case where I get a corrupt rtecord in the
Newton. NCU then tells me and I can go and fix or delete the record. I also
do full back ups with NCU and one such saved me when a package I loaded that
turned out to be for a 2x00 crashed my Newton big time. I also for a time
kept a parallel sync to Outlook '97 using LookOut. This also worked well but
not as quickly as NCU/Lotus Organizer. I use a PC serial cable that came
with my Newton. Anyone that has specific questions about syncing Newton =>
NCU => Lotus Organizer, feel free to contact me at the address below or
through NTLK

As to the relative superiority of Macs vs PC's I only have this to add, I
have used PC's since the days of MS-DOS 2.0 and other personal computers
well before that. And although I have limited experience with MACs I have
never found the PC in any of its variants to do things that were not
predictable and consistant.

Matt "Ducky" Howe

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