NTLK Re: MP2K carrying cases

From: Darren Olofson (dto71@mindspring.com)
Date: Thu Dec 30 1999 - 22:59:04 EST

In response to T. M. Camp's question about getting an MP2x00 case, there are two that I know of that sound like what you're looking for:

At D Store, www.d-store.com , they sell what they call "The Pouch", a slim, neoprene, velcro-closing case that is meant to be carried on the belt, for $19.95. They have a model specifically for the Newton, it comes in different colors, and the backstrap has a "clip-buckle" so you don't have to undo your belt to take it on or off as you would with a belt loop.

The Reeline company, at www.ripoffs.com sells the "CO-58" belt pouch for the Newton. It's made of ballistic nylon, has two small pockets in front for the AC adapter or phone cords, and uses a spring clip to attach to the belt. You can see pictures at their site, but since they don't sell direct, go to www.arcade-electronics.com and order through there. Or, Reeline will send you a complete list of vendors.

I've been using the Pouch for two months now and am very satisfied. I've recently ordered the CO-58 because the clip sounds even more convenient. However, it's on backorder since Reeline doesn't make a lot of that model and I won't get it until mid-January.


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