Re: NTLK Re: switching to Palm

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 23:51:03 EST

On 1/2/00 1:58 AM, Bill Moser [] wrote:

>It boggles the mind why Apple hasn't made Rosetta into a stand-alone program
>for Palm and Windows CE. It's so much better than anything that either
>platform has right now.
>Bill M.

My guess is that (a) they aren't interested in supporting other
platforms, or at least WinCE since MS isn't returning the favor. The
Palm's a more Mac-like platform anyway but (b) Rosetta probably takes
more a faster/powerful processor than the Palm has, or even most WinCE
boxes. I could be wrong, though - Paragraph's cursive engine
(Calligrapher) that originated on the Newton is available for WinCE
platforms but I don't know how well/fast it works. MS now has the rights
to Calligrapher (bought from Vadem)

 - Bill

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