Re: NTLK Trouble with upgrading to NOS 2.0

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 10:44:19 EST

Cody Burrows wrote:

> I just upgraded my MP120 1.3 to NOS 2.0 by installing the NOS 2.0 ROM Chip.
> This seemed to be a straight forward procedure until I went through the
> startup section. I keep getting errors at the "Set Time" section with the
> following errors:
> 48013-Soup index does not exist
> 48027-Soup does not have a Tags Index
> I looked up what the errors mean on a small file I downloaded off the web.
> Does anybody have any idea of how to correct this? I am thinking that it is
> looking for my old settings and this is causing the conflict. I took all
> five batteries out overnight thinking this might clear up the problem but it
> did not. Thanks
> Cody

The old settings are probably what give the errors. I would immediately do a
*full* backup, then, I would 'hard reset' the Newton. To do a 'hard reset', tap
the reset button in the battery compartment on the back, and while keeping the
button down, filp the ON/OFF switch to ON and keep it ON until you see a message
on the screen asking if you really want to completely erase the internal memory
(or something like that). Tap YES and your MP should be returned back to factory
settings. Restore the information from your backup. Make sure you *don't*
restore "System Informations". Most third-party software registrations will be
lost in the process, but you should be able to retrieve those information. Make
sure you're restoring applications that are known to work under 2.0. Most of
them will, but not all of them.

Good luck!

Laurent Daudelin
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