Vs: NTLK Help: Newton and Cellular Modem connection?

From: Harri Hohteri (harri.hohteri@hvk.inet.fi)
Date: Sun Jan 03 1999 - 17:09:36 EST

>What do i need to make a Newton work with a cell phone.

PC Card (optional depends if your cellphone has built-in modem), cable and a driver.

>I'm about to buy a cell phone and would like to be able to use it with my

I'd suggest some dualband or world (=tri-band) phone with built-in modem which supports 14.4 k data.

>I'm in Mexico so what i relly need is tu understand the concepts and then
>see what the cell companys offer down here.

I'm talking about digital cellphones here, so don't count my words if you have analog networks over there...

>I've heard a lot here about nokias but mostly by ppl in Europe and i know
>there are differences betwen their standards and the ones in use in US or
>Mexico, so i keep getting confused.

I don't know which kind of network you have over there, but I assume it's GSM900,1800(=DCS) or 1900 (=PCN).
For GSM900 and 1800 there's such Nokia phone as 7110. It has built-in modem and a cable (as an option) which Nokias 8810, 8210 or 8850 don't have. These 88xx/8210 series phones have only IrDA which is not supported by Newton. Also there're many fishes in the sea so ask for phone that has built-in modem. It saves YOUR money. Otherwise you have to buy PC Card which is expensive. Or if you are good programmer check out for http://www.gnokii.org for software modem for you cell phone.

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