Re: NTLK Sprint wireless

From: Doug Fuss (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 18:11:17 EST

> Is anyone using Sprint Wireless internet with their MessagePad? I've
> looked at the hardware Sprint is selling to connect their Qualcomm
> QCP2700 phones up to computers, and it is just a serial cable. I've
> been thinking that a serial gender changer would be all that was
> required (in hardware) to connect it to the MessagePad's interconnect
> port.

I have been trying this with Bell Atlantic for about a month. My guess is
that Sprint's setup is the same, only the PCS/cell frequency differs since
Qualcomm sets this up for them (I think). I've posted to the list two or
three times with no reply.

I have a Qualcomm QCP-860 phone which is equivalent to a QCP-2760 or
QCP-1960 depending on the band used by the provider.

Using Modem Modifier and discussing modem strings with Qualcomm I've managed
to get the phone to dial out (as shown on the phone's LCD). My MP2100 even
looks like it's going through internet authentication but doesn't quite
manage to connect.

It would be great to have someone to work with to try to get this setup. I'd
be glad to send you the strings that dial out for me. If they work for me
maybe they'll work for you. They may even manage to connect for you and then
there's something else wrong with my connection that is unrelated to Newton.
Please e-mail me off the list and I'll send you the string so we can get it
connected, then we can pass along our results to the rest of the list. What
do you think?

BTW, if anyone has managed to do this, that would be great, too! Please

> On the software side. I've considered an internet setup that used a
> serial connection, and did not need a dial tone. I think I'd need to
> dial the ISP number by hand on the phone, then initiate the PPP
> connection once the server had answered the call.

No, you have to use a modem setup. On the Newt you set it up as though you
were connecting to an external modem through the interconnect port (the
phone acts as a really long serial cable!). So you chose "serial" as the
port in the modem preferences and then pick a modem driver. I've managed to
get the modem to dial out with the modem strings I've used. It just doesn't
seem to want to finish the connection.

BTW, I've also managed to dial into Qualcomm's BBS using PT-100 (terminal
emulator for Newt), although once connected the BBS doesn't seem to receive
the commands I send and ultimately drops the connection. I'm not sure what's
going on there. Maybe you'll have more luck!

Anyway, let me know if you want to give it a try and I'll forward the modem
strings, etc. that I've been trying.

Happy New Year!


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