Re: NTLK Switching to Palm

From: Kenneth Wong (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 03:56:28 EST

Frankly, after using the Palm IIIx with 8 MB on board for the past 3 months,
I do wish that Apple would come up with a nice small PDA the size of a Palm.
It is possible for one to get some real writing done on that small screen
(think Calligraher for WinCE - small screen, but it works). It won't be as
great as having the screen size of the Newton, but what I really like about
the Palm is its size.

I would kill for a PalmPilot-sized Newton. My Newton's become my travel
companion, and my Palm has become my day-to-day notetaker and PIM.

What makes the Palm great:

1. Small
2. Simple PIM functions. Datebook3 doesn't do anything for me. I'm
happier with LinkPak (from Silverware) as it gives me the functionality of
MoreInfo. Very nice. All I'm short of right now is a PIM that integrates
perfectly with Outlook to allow me to assign tasks and schedule group
appointments. I'd kill for that too.
3. Great synchronization. Even better than the Windows CE. Anyone who
uses a Palm here knows how good sync is. As someone who uses MS Exchange for
group collaboration, the Palm is perfect. Before anyone pipes up about
Outlink, here's a tip: Stop fooling yourself. Outlink is NOWHERE close to
PocketMirror, Desktop To Go, or Palm Desktop.
4. Clean, efficient interface. I like the ability to Command-D and delete
an item instead of having to tap on Route, then Delete.

Now, before I hang for my Palmcentricity, here's what makes the Newton tick:

1. Assist. Actioneer for Palm is a joke. It's close, but no cookie. Would
be nice if Palm had an Assist feature. I miss "Time in London"
2. HWR. Calligrapher rocks. While I have Graffiti on my Newton for
dealing with URLs and other unconventional text styles, nothing beats
Calligrapher for REAL writing.
3. Simple, powerful apps. Think MoreInfo, think BluePrint, think
Newtscape and NetHopper, think SimpleMail.
4. Nice large screen. *sigh* Here's the real trade-off. Can't have a
small device with a large screen, right? The screen resolution on the Newton
beats the Palm's hands-down. That's why people stick to the Newton.
5. PCMCIA. No having to pay through your nose for a 14.4 kps modem. I can
use my Newton with a standard PCMCIA modem or Ethernet for fast surfing off
the company LAN.
6. Battery life. 4 AAs vs 2 AAAs. 'Nuff said.



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> Come on no gang lets just agree that each machine is cool and while
> is some functional overlap, each is optimized for different uses. If I
> to choose I would without hesitation choose the Newton. Ideally there
> could be a Newt satellite (like a rex or palm) for convienent data
> entery/retrieval when bringing my Newt would be inconvienent.
> RobertRuff

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