NTLK newt's fatal flaw (somewhat long, oh and a rant to boot)

From: Brian McEwen (bmcewen@cowboy.net)
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 11:06:50 EST

>Maybe I=92m wrong but my current thinking is to go to a Windows CE
>device=20 >simply to make syncing easier. Of course, that would mean
abandoning the >Ma= >c=20 >in favor of a Win PC desktop, so I am looking
for any option short of >that.=20= >=20

VirtualPC runs fairly well on any Mac with 603e and 180MHz or better; the
manual for it says it can be used to sync with PDAs. I've not got a
windows-related PDA, so I've never tried it.

The academic price for VPC is $49 for the PC-DOS version, then you can put
your own copy of Windows on it (or you can pay a lot more and get the
version with windows included).

But if that works, you can still keep your Mac CPU and use whatever PDA
you want (sync'ing to the emulated Windows platform). I use VPC a lot at
work (B/W G3 on a Novell LAN) and everything is perfect and fast-
networking, programs we have a site license for all work, etc. etc. I
have my own copy at home on my P6400/180 (603e) and it does pretty well,
about Pentium100 performance if you squint a little.


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