NTLK Linux + PPP + Newton

From: Sam Powell (sam.powell@cwcom.net)
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 11:38:46 EST

*Please dont be put off by this apparently complex problem
it really isnt - (it just needs lots of backround)*

OK, Im about to kill myself with this annoying problem. Out there
(the web) I found a document called the Linux+Newton Mini-FAQ
which shows how to connect a linux box and a Newton using PPP.

It suggested:

/usr/sbin/pppd -detach local lock proxyarp /dev/ttyS0

So you know my network looks like this, DNS works for everything: ----------------
  Platinum ethernet Astatine (proxy)
      | ppp
Newton (newt)

(in parenthesis) = alias.

and a configuration to reflect this on the Newton, this just didnt
at all. Eventually I came up with a configuration of:

pppd /dev/ttyS0 115200 defaultroute crtscts
netmask domain powell -detach local proxyarp lock

And set the newton's local IP to, and its Gateway + DNS
(my box does DNS) as It connects up and works, I can
load NetHopper and enter the URL http://platinum.powell which gets
nicely resolved to and gets the default apache page no probs.
Similarly with PT100 - I can telnet into platinum, my Linux box no probs.

There is another machine on my network, astatine, of IP
which can be resolved from platinum, and from my newton, platinum
can ping astatine, and the newton, but the newton cannot see anything
on my network other that platinum ( The proxyarp
option is meant to allow access to my entire network from the machine
connecting by ppp. Indeed, when pppd starts it say that it is configuring
proxyarp for eth0 which *is* the connect card.

I can think of one possible thing, could it be that since both eth0 and
also the ppp interface are both configured as cause probs?
might it be that the newton sends a request for data from
back down the ppp pipe? If that is the case then should I just change
the IP addresses on the newton and platinum for the ppp interface?

If that is the case, should they both be ion the same subnet (the range of IP
addresses) - as int would work? or do
I need something diff? like

Anyhow, without getting access to my net through the ppp link it is next to
useless - since astatine is my web proxy (I have *2* winmodems) and
I want to surf on it.

As usual many thanks,
                Sam Powell

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