NTLK Andy Inhatko on the Newton at MacWorld SF!

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Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 10:20:21 EST

Here's something that all Newton users would get a kick out of:
On Tuesday at the MacWorld the show had a Warm-up session to get the
participants excited about the conference. There were several speakers and it
was a OK but the last was Andy Inhatko, a known Newton enthusiast. You may
know him as he is a big Mac follower and writes the column for MacWorld each
month. He started out by showing a three page add that Microsoft put out (I
don't recall the mag) that unveils a new tablet PC with handwrting
recognition, fits in a backpack, does email, etc. and all the while he was
holding his MP2100 up in the air. I guess all the Newton users here got a
kick out of that, myself included! He then starts off on the greatness of the
Newton and how he uses it. For me it was the highlight of the meeting.
Anyway, his point was that now that Apple has their financial foundation
built up again, they should now start to develop those neat and innovative
things that Apple is known for. He didn't say it aloud but I think he meant
for Apple to bring back the Newton. At the end of the session he did an
electronic autograph on my Newton. Hope the rest of the conference goes as

Way-Chung Wong
Byte-Size Software
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