RE: NTLK 56k modem string? Best browser? SimpleMail?

From: Pablo Resines (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 16:19:46 EST

> I have installed the modem modifier. Do you know if it will boost a
> Megahertz XJA3288 (a 28.8) modem to 56k? I will experiment with the 2 56k
> modems I have.

Modem modifier is only a modem Definition modifier and it let's you
specify the commands the newton should send to the modem to enable 56.6k
mode or wathever.

On the other hand, your modem is probably upgreadable to at least 33.6,
maybe 56.6K with a PC and firmware pathces you can find on Megahertz site.

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