Re: NTLK Other: Looking for Newton P.

From: Woo Lee (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 23:35:11 EST

>With NP is it thus
>very easy to create books with pictures and crosslinks as well as a
>content page

Hmmm, using NP on my iMac, I've 'drag-and-dropped' jpeg's
 and gif's onto the NPicon and made newtonbooks. Usually the images are too big but the scroll arrows are helpful in allowing the whole picture to be viewable in either portrait and/or landscape mode.
I even got the 'MacOS' moniker in a book format, confuses everybody into thinking I've got 'MacOS' on my ex-Apple Newt.!


!tsooJ iH
!?tey 9 SO caM

!ooW )
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