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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 02:34:00 EST

On 1/5/00 11:37 PM, Peter Cross [] wrote:

>I heard the the new Apple PDA will sport a MacOS Lite, and will run mini
>apps much like Windoze CE. Sounds a little to plain jane for Apple.
>Then I head of a Palm Like Device that was in all weather gear and a rubber
>jacket. Like a Swiss Army PDA. I doubt that one too.
>Long Live the Newt.
>on 1/5/00 8:34 PM, Michael J. Franclemont at wrote:
>> Also, my money is on Apple computer releasing a new palmtop in the
>> near future. The market is here for it. It is just a matter of time
>> before an innovative, affordable palmtop from Apple.
>> -M.

Why? Palm owns the market - 70-80% share. Not sure if that counts the
clones (IBM, Sony, Motorola, Handspring, TRG, Nokia, etc.). Apple's
pretty clearly chosen to support them rather than fight them. Palm
Desktop comes with MacOS 9 and all new Macs.

I rather doubt Apple will come out with a new PDA, at this point, or any
time in the forseeable future. They're simply going to promote the Palm
heavily (it's a good way to whack Microsoft, too, and since MS isn't
providing Mac links for WinCE...scuze me "Pocket PC" machines, they can
safely say to MS if they complain..."hey, you don't support Macs, and
Palm does. Do some decent Mac support and we'll see."

They certainly didn't announce a new PDA at MacWorld Expo as some were

I'd love to see an Apple palmtop running MacOS. It COULD be done. A Palm
is remarkably similar in hardware and memory and such to a 1986/87 era
Mac Plus/SE. A lot of software could be reworked to run on a MacOS
"Lite" PDA easily AND (unlike WinCE) would be more easily ramped up to
"full" MacOS versions.

 - Bill

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