NTLK Who to write to bring back the Newton? Steve's email address?

From: Drew Loker (lokerd@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 13:48:38 EST

>Subject: Andy Inhatko on the Newton at MacWorld SF!

>He didn't say it aloud but I think he meant
>for Apple to bring back the Newton.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Now that Steve is no longer
interiem, it is time to let him know what we want. I have always felt, since
the day it was announced, that we just sat back and took it like a bunch of
whimps!! I am sorry, but that is how I feel. I remember reading the posts.
It was like a bomb that just wiped us out, no fighting back. Now I know more
went on behind the scenes, but I think it is pathetic that thy dropped the
Newton like they did. I am not trying to start the debates all over again.
Apple is alive today. When it's stock was at $17, people were certain it was
going out of business. I knew it wasn't and unfortunately didn't act on my
instincts to BUY!! Obviously, I am grateful it is still kicking. But I want
an upgrade to my Newton!!

Point is, how can we get in touch with Steve Jobs to let him know how we
feel about the fact that the Newton was dropped in the first place, how
amazed people are to this day about the Newton, and that we are NOT giving
up and want it reintroduced.

Any other ideas?

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