Re: NTLK NCU will not work, but NBU will?

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 14:33:38 EST

Drew Loker wrote:

> Subject: Re: NTLK NCU will not work, but NBU will?
> >You never said what setting you were using in the Dock application. >You
> >need to make sure that you're using "Serial" if you want to do >38400 bps.
> Serial is what works for NBU. I have tried each of the other settings making
> sure that I have made the same change on the other side, but no luck. I have
> also tried each one of the ports. It is Com 1 on 2 of th emachines that work
> with NBU.
> >I'm assuming you did use the *exact* same cable, right? I'm not sure if you
> >tried NCU on the same machine you successfully >ran NBU.
> NBU is working on all three machines. The same cable was used in each
> computer. NCU fails to work on 1 of the machines that I have tired so far
> (the desktop). It was the exact same problem as I was getting on the laptops
> as when I was trying NKU by accident. I figured to use the Desktop to test
> out the correct version of NCU to make sure that the older version of NKU
> weren't causing problems. When it didn't work, I installed NBU to see if it
> would work, and it did, flawlessly.
> >A last wild question: you never tried to use the >package "Ser57600.pkg",
> >and
> >never tried to mess around with the registry editor, right?
> No, I have NOT tried either of those suggestions? WHat do I need to do?
> >It's only a matter of time and effort
> >before you discover what the problem is.
> Yeah! Typical of my Computer life...time, time, time!! I spend more time
> trying to get my computers to do what I want, than just doing it!!

Very strange. You would expect NBU not to work, but I'm really puzzled over this
one. I don't know what to suggest, except, maybe, to re-install the whole thing,
or try on another computer. I successfully (AT WORK ONLY!) use 2 Windows
machines (Digital Celebris GL5133 and a HP Vectra VL), running Windows NT 4
(Service Pack 4) to run NCU at 57600 bps (!) without any problem, well, very few
problems. Usually, if I lost connection during a backup, I open TaskManager and
set the priority of the NCU task to "Realtime", and that always fixed the
problem with connection dropping.

So, I would say, try to install on another computer and see if it works.

Laurent Daudelin
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