NTLK Re: CDMA Data & Newton

From: Tim Cahill (tcahill@ibm.net)
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 15:18:50 EST


Thanks for your reply to the list. I'm two weeks away from closing on a
house, so I have to wait a bit before I buy the Qualcomm serial cable,
and gender cable and start experimenting with this myself. (I have to
be sure that Sprint's signal is available at my house)

I understand that you have gotten modem strings from qualcomm, and I'm
wondering if you've tried to connect by initiatizing the qualcomm modem
using the login strings from an internet setup serial connection, then
using the phone to dial out, then making the internet connection with a
second internet serial connection, after the modem is initialized and
the dial-up connection established.

Without the serial hardware it is hard for me to fully think this
through, but I'm hoping that the serial connection's login script can be
interpreted by the Qualcomm's modem as initialization strings. So
whatever modem strings qualcomm gave you (what are they, by the way, and
where did you get them?), you could enter them as a login script, like
        "send ATDT
         wait for OK
select display script activity to see if comm data appears there. I'm
not sure if all these steps are needed, if they are in the right order,
or if more steps are required.

I am very interested to find out what this approach yields. I'm also
wondering if an application like PT100 might assist in configuring the
connection, as that application might echo modem responses back to the
newton screen.


Doug Fuss wrote:
> Has anyone managed to use their data compatible PCS or CDMA Qualcomm phone
> as a modem to connect to their service provider? If so, what modem driver or
> intitialization string (for Modem Modifier) are you using?
> I am trying to connect through my serial/interconnect port via CDMA data on
> my QCP-860 phone (aka slimphone, QCP-1960, QCP-2760). With this
> configuration the modem is on the network side (in my case Bell Atlantic)
> and the wireless phone is like a really long serial cable connecting to
> their modems. To me it seems like this configuration is ideal for us
> Newtonites because it doesn't involve a battery-consuming modem, only a less
> battery-consuming serial connection.
> The problem is I can't get the modem strings to work. It comes close -- it
> dials out on the phone and begins to handshake but drops somewhere near or
> during authentication. My guess is that I need to put something else in the
> modem string, but without diagnostics and little technical background it's
> tough to figure out what that is.
> I feel like I'm soooo close.
> Thanks,
> Doug
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