NTLK Argh!!

From: Michael J. Dark (darkmich@cvmstudent.cvm.msu.edu)
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 20:39:21 EST

OK, I've finally gotten a serial adapter, and I'm trying to get NIE
to work. I think the modem part is OK, although I haven't tested it.

I'm trying to get Ethernet to work. I have a 3com card, that should
work with the patch. I've installed Newtdev.pkg, and enetsup.dev, in
that order, but when I try to install the Farallon or the 3com
packages, I get:

"An error occurred activating the package "Farallon Enet". It may not
work with this system. Contact the software publisher for further
information. (Part 0, Type auto)"

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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