Re: NTLK newt's fatal flaw

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 07:57:02 EST

Victor Rehorst schrieb:
> Oh, so you're planning on using the Newton's own Connection/Dock program?
> Wouldn't it be easier to write a new connection util to send the data
> rather than try to decode whatever Apple did?
You're probably right. Re-engineering is from what I wanted to do. I
would start only with a documentation of the protocol.

> > compiled programs are even slow and BIG!
> True, but I could argue the same thing for VB and (possibly, I really
> don't know anything about it) LabVIEW.
I hate Visual Basic. To me it is like TurboPascal but with much more
overhead and much more complications by the GUI stuff. LabVIEW hides
this completely. So there is not much to do with sizes of buttons and
the like, which is also a limitation: Programming of button sizes is
impossible. Regarding speed, LV is about as fast as a C-code is. The
graphical program is precomiled into sort of C-pre-code and the compiler
does not much more than putting everything together to form an
executable program and disable decompiling and probing of variables.
There are no real interrupts, except for serial, parallel and GPIB-ports
or DAQ-cards. You have to poll buttons by yourself in the program and
take care of its consequences ;-) In the end you don't loose time with
GUI stuff and can concentrate on the really important things, on the
program code behind the cosmetics.


Regards / Viele Gruesse

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