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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 09:08:41 EST wrote:
[good points deleted]

> But think about my proposed scenario and you'll get that it's where the
> industry should be heading (hardware and software wise) to give us useful,
> simple, comfortable devices rather than just making money or manufacturing
> techno stuff (devices with lots of useless/difficult to use technology).


I've also been around for some time. You have real good points, and I agree 200%.
However, that being said, I don't see any of this happening anytime soon,
unfortunately. If you look around, at the average computer user, you'll realise
that those people have been slowly taught beliefs that are quite opposite of what
you're hoping. It's in the interest of those companies to keep users in some kind
of darkness, in order to give them the illusion that they (the companies) can
sell them (the average user) the solution to all their problems. And when people
believe that and buy those solutions, they just get a little bit more screwed. As
long as they're (the technnology industry) making money, and they're all in for
that, then nothing else matters. No reputation, no quality, no commitment, only

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