Re: NTLK newt's fatal flaw

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 10:30:45 EST

Marco Mailand wrote:

> Bill Moser schrieb:
> > I looked into finding info about the
> > Dock application a while back for another reason. What I was told is that
> > the Dock application spits out Flattened Frames Format, which is "slightly"
> > documented. The Dock app itself is not documented anywhere. The way that
> > info is stored in a backup file is such that you'd need info in a Newton's
> > ROM to decrypt it.
> That sounds very bad. My thought would be to transmit the whole soup as
> it is and do anything else on the desktop. It means that the Dock can
> NOT be used. But is there also ROM content necessary to interpret the
> soup content successfully or is everything in after transmission as it
> is?

Without much experience on specific transfer stuff, I would nevertheless say that
if you just blindly transfer the data off from the soup to the desktop, then you
may have some problems trying to extract useful information after the transfer
from the soup.

My idea would be to extract information from the soup, and send only the more or
less human readable representation of these data. I mean, if I get to the Name
soup, and ask for entry 1, then get the value in slot "personName", the returned
value would be a string, so, in my transfer app on the Newton, I would send the
string "Laurent Daudelin", with also probably a textual representation of the
slot from which the value is sent, "personName". Where the things may be more
complex is if you ever come over a VBO, or Virtual Binary Object, which is
basically an container for an object that is too large to be loaded at once in
the memory heap, but I don't think that with the standard apps that would be
really frequent. I don't really know anything about the way that MoreInfo, for
instance, stores its data to do its magic, and the same goes for any third-party
add-ons you may be using.

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