Re: NTLK Who to write to bring back the Newton? Steve's emailaddress?

From: Amy (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 12:19:08 EST


"I"! A thousand times over, I! I!

      And "I" can offer a web site and a petition script to do it on my
web site, Daily iMac, if you guys need it. I love my Newton terribly but
I find myself drooling over features that it can't possibly have because
it's somewhat old (but not outdated!). I'm all for petitioning Apple to
bring it back, or something very close to it... even though some other
handhelds have features I wish for (the wireless Palm is mostly the
instigator, but I hate PalmOS), none of them match the overall quality of
the Newton. For the most part, nobody makes ANYTHING as good as Apple

     So... shall we host it on my site?


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