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>>Modack, The Preventor of
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>Sorry. I just have to crack up here. Where can I find a Dilbert cartoon
>with Modack in it?

Mordack (sorry, my original misspelling) periodically makes appearances
in Dilbert. This probably occurs when someone writes to Scott Adams
complaining about the latest draconian IT policy in their place of
employment. The last one had Mordack sentencing Dilbert to 1 week
without email for filling up his disk server allocation. Dilbert has a
wireless pen modem to foil that plot! Anyway, go to the Dilbert site
<www.dilbert.com> and look for old strips. They also appear in the
collected volumes of Scott Adams work, easily found in bookstores. I
think the one about the "cubicle police" may have some. Happy hunting!

Mark Ross

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