NTLK RE: MP1x0 battery pack repairs

From: dunay (jdunay@mprtech.com)
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 14:03:38 EST

Chris, sounds like a cool hack,

This brings up an interesting thought, instead of replacing them with Nicads I wonder how NiMH AAs would work and if they
could be charged directly.

As for your ?s, I think as long as your getting the proper voltage and nothing leaks out into the guts you should be ok.
Also I would think chances of leaking would be reduced because its relatively sealed. Sounds better than the tape over the
recharge button in the standard battery holder.

 ::I have received an MP130 today with a dead battery pack. After
::playing with the pack a bit, I found out, how it all holds together -
::so I took it apart :)
::I landed up with 4 NiCad batteries and 2 pieces of metal with sticky
::stuff on the inner side. Then I took 4 good, new NiCads and arranged
::them on top of the bottom metal piece just like the dead ones were
::and, after they stuck there nicely, put the top piece back as well.
::The whole thing seems to work in the newt, as the charing station
::shows an orange led which, after a while turns green.
::does anybody know if the original NiCads are also 1.2V cells or are
::they any different to the normal over-the-counter ones? Am I going to
::damage/break anything in the long run?

.John M Dunay
.MPR Technologies, Inc

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