Re: NTLK IS it possible, WIll Apple Resurect the Newton?!?!!?

From: MYQ Y. Q. LARSON (
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 18:25:12 EST

>>Sorry, you're wrong. When newton was spun off, they got the name
>> According to, was
>>created by apple within the last few months.
>However, I wouldn't hold my breath for anything Newton-like coming
>from Apple in the foreseeable future. Although I think Apple is a
>very innovative company and many good things have come from them in
>the past, it's a bit frustrating at times ... like when they axe your
>favorite product and never even tell you the REAL reasons behind it.

NO, I dont' think it will come back either, but have to admit I was surprised
at how fast we all forget! was the official site after
Apple spun it off. Apple NEVER owned until just recently. Why did
they acquire it and let go of (it's available for sale according
to Maybe the same reason Apple bought
and has never advertised it: just covering their bases so that some rival
doesn't buy it and produce anti-apple info on it... ?


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