Re: NTLK Newton 2100 Battery

From: Adam D. Kalins (
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 21:42:59 EST

If you use AA rechargeable, stop using them. NiCd batteries have a
different pattern of power draw and the Newton can't accurately predict the
battery level of NiCd batteries. I've tried to use rechargeable alkaline
batteries, this doesn't work either.

The best strategy I have come up with is to buy a brick of 40 AA batteries
for $12.99 (no brand) this usually lasts me 6 months. It seems a terrible
waste on the environment, but it is economical. I have also called my local
government and found that there is a toxic waste disposal program for old
batteries. I buy 40 batteries every 6 months, and dump off a bucket of
batteries once a year. It's economically and environmentally responsible.

>Subject: NTLK Newton 2100 Battery
>Date: Sun, Jan 9, 2000, 6:01 PM

> Hi everyone, My Newton 2100 has been experiencing some battery trouble. I
> use rechargeable batteries and have them charged to 90 - 100% at all times.
> But every now and then my Newton shuts off and restarts because, it says,
> that the batteries were dead. I would like any help that you may have for me.
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