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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 09:56:16 EST

Peter Cross wrote:

> That I what I had in mind for the EvangelNewt (or ??) site. I think there
> is a place for another Newton site that is about the technology and what you
> can do with it and why that is important.
> I want to collect the petition for resurrection of the Newton but you are
> right on the with the look and the focus of this site.
> Peter
> on 1/8/00 7:54 AM, Kimberly at wrote:
> > This is hard for me to explain so stay with me ( if you can)
> >
> > create a WEBSite ( has to be attractive and very professional)
> >
> > Talks about the most amazing PDA that is no more ( does not say brand or
> > company so that the Win/palm users will FINISH reading it before they leave
> >
> > talks about all it's features and even the cool geeky stuff
> > and that this was all created years before the ones that they own.
> >
> > Surf the web on a PDA etc...
> >
> > Then Great Stories about how this "old" PDA works great even now and how it
> > is used ( still without mentioning a platform or a brand)
> >
> > How the people that own this PDA are dying for the company to make another
> > soon and how they won't use anything else unless they are forced to.
> >
> > at the end announce the product - or possibly another page.
> >
> > I really think if linked to the right sites could get a lot of attention.
> >
> > Or am I just dreaming ?????
> >
> > ~Kimberly~
> >

There use to be a site where people could post their own personal experience and
use of the Newton. I can't remember the URL, but maybe others here have it? The
guy that did the site was at some time an active participant on this list, but I
haven't heard from him since a while.

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