NTLK Re: Newton 2100 Battery

From: Paul Guyot (pguyot@pnm-consulting.com)
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 04:15:51 EST

>Hi everyone, My Newton 2100 has been experiencing some battery trouble. I
>use rechargeable batteries and have them charged to 90 - 100% at all times.
>But every now and then my Newton shuts off and restarts because, it says,
>that the batteries were dead. I would like any help that you may have for me.

Which kind of batteries? The battery pack? Four NiCd batteries? RAM
Batteries? NiMh Batteries? Do you use Nick's SoftCharge to chnage the
battery status according to the battery type?

Anyway, I use NiCd & NiMh & I got this problem with them. I changed the
batteries and it was ok.

>If you use AA rechargeable, stop using them. NiCd batteries have a
>different pattern of power draw and the Newton can't accurately predict the
>battery level of NiCd batteries. I've tried to use rechargeable alkaline
>batteries, this doesn't work either.

RAM batteries don't fit our need. However the battery pack from Apple uses
4 NiMh batteries. Mine are 850 mAh/NiCd and 1300 mAh/NiCd. They work fine.
I do a huge use of my Newton, and I need to change them every one/two days.
If I used standard batteries, I would have to change them every three/five
days depending on the brandt (I tried - I even wrote a software to analyze
the batteries capacity). I bought my last NiMh 4 cells 10 Euros.

>The best strategy I have come up with is to buy a brick of 40 AA batteries
>for $12.99 (no brand)...
Ummm. My NiCd/850 are still working. I have used them since I have my
Newton (u)MP2000.



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