Re: NTLK Bring back the Newton?

Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 22:11:20 EST

There is much love here for the Newton. This is great. I looked to the Newton
as a solution to a number mobile computing problems in the medical field. It
still is great, Pocket Doc and VI still look like strong programs (killer apps
in my book). Unfortunately, this is a dream deferred...

As for the death of the Newton--I am willing to advance my own conspiracy
theory. You all remember that $100 million dollars that Apple got from
Microsoft? Microsoft pledged to continue supporting the Mac. Where would the
world be with out IE and Word?

It is not hard to imagine that what the Microsoft got was the death of the
Newton out of the deal. Can anyone think of another technology that has been so
totally "buried alive" in the 90s? Where would Window CE be with continued
Newton OS competition? As for the advent of a new portable Mac, you have to be
really slick to reinvent the wheel. The wheel being a portable computer that
everyone wants. Lets face the PalmPilot is what is today because it forced
users to work a certain way. Graffiti is arcane, but it serves a useful
purpose, you either tap or write in a box--two choices on limited real estate.
I dont want to work a certain way, but sometimes it is good. (I am learning
UNIX just so I can use a command line.)

Can Apple do it again? In the face of Bluetooth, XML telephones, and the Visor
(I don't look to 3COM be an innovator). Sure, but you and I will have to think
"outside of the box" to imagine it. I will save my creative thoughts for
another digression.

Its amazing what $100 million dollars will do.


ps Only flames from Mr. Jobs excepted

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